A home’s or business’s roof is equally as crucial as its foundation. A roof can last 20 years or longer if properly installed and taken care of. Simple mistakes in roof cleaning might just result in early and costly repairs or even replacement. So whether you are planning to get your roof cleaned by a professional roof cleaning company in Offaly or want to do it by yourself, the following are the common mistakes that must be avoided in cleaning your roof to avoid further damage and problems.

Roof Cleaning Mistake #1: Power Washing

One of the common mistakes homeowners make when they are trying to “do it yourself” the roof cleaning is by power washing their roofs. High-pressure water mostly removes the protective layer and granules from shingles, causing minor fractures to become fissures or even breaking off small pieces of roofing material. Yes, it can easily remove dirt, algae, moss and debris but this is also one of the most prevalent roof cleaning mistakes, in some cases, these mistakes nullify warranties and even insurance claims.

A pressure washer is useful for cleaning any exterior surface like concrete surfaces such as patio cleaning, driveways and walkways

Roof Cleaning Mistake #2: Wrong Method

Each type of roofing will require a somewhat different level of care. Fungi and algae growth, as well as other microbiological concerns, should be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Furthermore, a roof does not need to be cleaned more than once a year, though special treatments may be required to prevent growth. In these circumstances, a professional’s advice and recommendations will give you the knowledge you need to properly maintain your roof. At Spooners Cleaning, we can assure you that our roof cleaners are experts and will use conduct a proper assessment of your roof before starting work.

Roof Cleaning Mistake #3: Use of harsh chemicals such as Acid

There are many roof cleaning solutions out there but not all of them can clean your roof properly. Complaints of roof stains after a DIY roof cleaning is common, some homeowners use improper cleaning solutions just to make the task easier, but this mistake can lead to the formation of rusts and even moss and algae which can then lead to expensive roof repairs.  Keep in mind that bleach must be used carefully, including covering any plants and removing furniture near the roof runoff areas, other roof cleaning chemicals may also harm or cause damage to animals so it’s very important to know what kind of acids or solutions you or the hired professional cleaners will use. We at Spooners Cleaning assure you that we use soft washing gear, safe chemicals and strategies to guarantee a thorough and dependable clean.

Roof Cleaning Mistake #4: Trusting what you see on the Internet

Yes, a simple roof cleaning video search on the internet might give you an outlook or an idea on how to properly clean your roof. But, plenty of “do it yourself” guys with good intentions might leave some small details that can create major problems when applied wrong. It’s easy to find the wrong information and this may leave you with a discoloured or otherwise damaged roof.

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How to clean roof tiles?

Our homes, driveways, patios, and other structures are often subject to intense degradation by atmospheric agents. Additionally, the presence of trees in the immediate vicinity of the roof frequently causes the development of moss and algae.

The best way to safely clean your roof is by using chemicals. A number of chemical solutions have been developed to assist in the cleaning of moss and algae-covered roof tiles. Moss killers, fungicides, and anti-moss treatments can be sprayed on roof tiles to eliminate any plant life that has grown on them. This should be done after scraping the roof tiles with a trowel or firm brush to ensure that the chemical goes into all the cracks and crevices where moss, algae, and other debris can become trapped.

Remember to cover any adjacent plants and grass when using moss-killing chemicals; the chemicals are designed to kill all living things, not only moss and algae. Also, be sure that any chemical runoff does not end up in any drinking water sources.

Who to hire for roof cleaning service in Offaly?

If you are not one of those “do it yourself” guys and you prioritize the safety of yourself and your family, I recommend that you hire a professional roof cleaning company to help you with your roof problems. Spooners Cleaning is one of the professional roof cleaners you can hire in Offaly, we are more than happy to help you out with your roof cleaning problems. If you’re ready to get your roof cleaned, you can contact us at our valid phone number (087) 2273 934 or purchase our roof cleaning package. We offer our roof cleaning services in Offaly, Laois, Carlow, Kildare, Tipperary and Limerick.

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