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Residential cleaning in Tipperary
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All homeowners want their home to be kept clean and sanitized for sure. Keeping the house clean can help avoid further health problems for the occupants such as infection and asthma. But not everyone has enough time and equipment to clean various areas of the house, especially those hard-to-reach places. And extensive cleaning definitely requires time if you want to see any difference.

Fortunately, it’s now easy to find a trusted cleaning service company in Tipperary County. There are many local service providers you can find in your community, but it’s really difficult to spot the one that offers reliable and complete residential cleaning services. Look no further because the professional cleaners from Spooner’s Cleaning Services can help you get the job done right. They can clean every corner of your home, whether inside or within the perimeter walls of your property.

Residential Cleaning Services

The comprehensive cleaning services of Spooner’s are perfect for busy professionals or stay-at-home moms who need help with massive cleaning chores. We perform carpet cleaning, bathroom cleaning, general cleaning and many more surface cleaning services. Our expert cleaners are property equipped with essential cleaning tools and machineries to ensure all areas can be thoroughly cleaned. Utilizing our high-suction vacuum cleaners with numerous attachments, for instance, we can efficiently remove dust and sand particles in every corner of your place, particularly focusing on hard-to-reach areas like draperies and underneath a tall furniture.


For ground level structures like plant boxes, walkways and outdoor seats, our expert cleaners will use high quality pressure washers and disinfectant soaps to make sure everything is washed away. If you’re having troubles with kitchen stains, let us clean your countertops, cabinets, floors and cooking areas thoroughly using powerful but safe cleaning products. Since we prioritize safety and work efficiency, we only conduct the cleaning service based on your most convenient schedule. No matter how messy your place is, Spooner’s Cleaning Services can bring back the exquisite beauty of your Tipperary County home, both inside and out.


Roof Cleaning

Your regular maintenance should include roof cleaning to extend the service life of your roof. Our roof cleaners are able to remove various debris that often cause cracks and holes, such as tree limbs, twigs, dry leaves and dead animals. We can also remove moss and algae which often make your roof look old and unsightly.


Window Cleaning

No matter how dirty your windows are, you can always count on the cleaners of Spooner’s Cleaning services because they can completely remove grime and glass stains due to continuous exposure to weather. We have power washers, multi-purpose ladders and other cleaning equipment, so our cleaners can easily reach high windows and skylights. Before we start the window cleaning process, we make sure that there are no leaks or damaged sealants on the windows.


Power Washing

The cleaning process will become ineffective and slow if you only use conventional pressure washers and household cleaning accessories.


Our professional cleaners, however, use advanced pressure washers with many features to remove stains and grime that have been stuck on surfaces for a long time. From driveway cleaning to stain removal of landscape structures, our power washing services are truly dependable as well as trusted by Tipperary County residents.


Gutter Cleaning

It is important to clean the gutters of your home regularly to prevent water leaks and overflowing. Our certified cleaners will remove everything that can cause blockage of your gutters, such as dry leaves and loose branches.

As an added value for our customers, we can provide minor gutters repairs if we find any cracks or holes within the gutter line and flashing.


Interior Cleaning

Your home interiors will inevitably become dirty due to temperature variations resulting to moisture and dust build-up. And if you just let your furniture and surfaces get dusty and stained, it can possibly lead to health problems for your family. Our expert cleaners may keep the entirety of your interiors clean using different cleaning methods, including vacuuming, kitchen disinfestation and general bedroom cleaning.


House Maintenance Package

Spooner’s Cleaning Services offers multiple house maintenance plans which allow you to choose the package that fits your budget and needs. Though prices significantly vary due to individual service inclusions, we make sure that they are all reasonable and guarantee impressive results on every visit. For more information about our broad selection of professional cleaning services, you may visit or call 0872273934 and let our customer sales representatives handle your inquiries.

Our Residential Cleaning Services

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Spooners Cleaning services provide lots of services to suit your cleaning needs. We have more than 30 years combined experience and pride ourselves in the work we do, our competitiveness and our service “customer focused approach”. We provide services for both government and commercial customers. We offer a free no obligation quoting service. References are readily available on request. We have 2 external cleaning Van mounted units on the road and 1 internal cleaning van deployed. We have 3 full time staff and 2 staff on standby for busier times as well as other staff currently engaged in weekly general cleaning contracts. We can take on almost any size of job except for massive deep cleans or massive postconstruction cleans