Upholstery cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning Services in Roscrea, Laois, and Dublin. Just as your carpet plays a crucial role in the overall appearance of a room, so too does your furniture. To ensure both are cleaned to the highest standard, we use a similar process for upholstery cleaning as we do for carpet cleaning. This involves using an extraction machine to spray a specially formulated solution, along with hot water, that effectively removes dirt that is embedded deep within the fabric. This leaves behind nothing but clean and fresh-smelling furniture. €50 Base price for a 1 seater plus VAT.

Upholstery Cleaning Services Roscrea and Portlaoise

Your furniture is as important to a room’s appearance as your carpet. That’s why we use the same process for cleaning your upholstery that we do for carpet cleaning.

The extraction machine sprays a specially formulated fiber cleaning solution and hot water that removes the cleaning solution right along with deep-down embedded dirt – leaving nothing behind but clean, fresh-smelling fabric and furniture.

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How Many Upholstery Need Cleaning?

3 piece suite for 110 plus vat, 3 seater for 70 plus vat, 2 seater for 60 plus vat, seater for 50 plus vat