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Gutter Cleaning

Full Service  Commercial Cleaning

External Power washing & Softwashing

Getting professional cleaning work done can actually save you money in the long run. Having concrete yards power washed regularly will reduce the risk of someone injuring themselves. Having building exterior paintwork cleaned with us can even eliminate the need to re-paint as we use the latest cleaning technology out there at the moment called Soft Washing. This involves low pressure washing with the pre-spray of chemical that kills all types of algae and moss. Sometimes we apply the chemical after power washing depending on what we are cleaning. This treatment process will keep the surfaces cleaner for longer as the chemical completely kills the biological growth. This system is perfect for render walls and timber surfaces and old roofs as they can be damaged by high pressure and in some cases the staining will not come off with power washing alone. Softwashing can often work out cheaper as the job can sometimes be done quicker.

Roof Cleaning

In relation to roof cleaning we come fully insured and equipped. We only power wash tiled roofs as natural and artificial slate roofs can be damaged from power washing. We scrape off the majority of the moss and lichen off slate roofs and spray a biocide onto them after to kill everything remaining on the roof. The roof will then self clean over time as the wind and rain assists the removal of the remaining spores and growth. This will increase the life of your roof as lichen and moss goes into the fibre cement slates and damages them. Ideally roofs should be treated with biocide every year or 2 to keep them clean. The buildings gutters are cleaned inside and out as standard on a roof clean and the walls and ground are rinsed of roof debris. The windows outside are cleaned also afterwards.

Gutter cleaning

We use a gutter vacuum equipped with an inspection camera when cleaning high gutters and can clean the outside of the gutters with telescopic lances. We can use ladders to clean the inside of the gutters at times also and have the latest in safety legs at hand.

Window cleaning

For outside window cleaning we mostly use the water filtration reach and wash system which efficiently clean the frames and glass to a pristine level. We clean inside using traditional squeegys and applicators and have telescopic poles for high areas.

Carpet & upholstery cleaning

We can take on practically any of these jobs and have 2 state of the art heated carpet cleaning machines

Cold fogging

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we invested in a cold fogging machine and offer this service to our existing customers and new customers alike.

Deep cleaning

We have lots of experience in this area

Reduces stress

Keeping your office clean and organized allows you to reduce your stress levels to the minimum. A clean area helps you keep things organized, and is an important aspect to consider to improve or maintain the well-being of staff or family members.

Improves physical health

Both offices and the home have shown to be great sources of bacteria. A regularly cleaned workplace will save employers money on sick pay and loss of work rate. A hygienic environment is equally important in the home. Spooner’s Cleaning use HEPA bags in all all of their hoovers which totally capture dust mites and leave the environment healthy for living and working in. We use chemicals that eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and they are not harmful to people.

Good first impressions

When it comes to making business, appearances matter, and the appearance of a person’s work space, or the overall appearance of your business, affects the way your customers perceive your business. A clean, well maintained business environment helps a business give that all-important good first impression.

Improves your mental health

Working and living in a clean environment can reduce the stress and take mental load off of you. Being in a clean environment can help you feel happier, be more relaxed, focused and satisfied with your life.

Call Spooner’s Cleaning for a professional, efficient and effective cleaning service using the most advanced cleaning technologies to provide you with a clean and healthy environment.

Our Commercial Cleaning Services

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Spooners Cleaning services provide lots of services to suit your cleaning needs. We have more than 30 years combined experience and pride ourselves in the work we do, our competitiveness and our service “customer focused approach”. We provide services for both government and commercial customers. We offer a free no obligation quoting service. References are readily available on request. We have 2 external cleaning Van mounted units on the road and 1 internal cleaning van deployed. We have 3 full time staff and 2 staff on standby for busier times as well as other staff currently engaged in weekly general cleaning. We can take on almost any size of job except for massive deep cleans.