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The main purpose of roof cleaning is to maintain the curb appeal of your property and of course to maintain your roof and to keep it in optimal condition. Regular roof cleaning also prevents any potential damage sustained from roof debris and excessive algae growth. Not only that, it extends the service life of your roof while preventing voiding its warranty. However, it would be best to know how professionals carry out the proper roof cleaning process using various spraying techniques to be discussed below. Roof cleaning in Portlaoise is not as expensive as you might think and a poorly maintained roof may end up costing you more in the long run.

What do Professionals Use to Clean Slate Roofs?

Professional cleaning offers the opportunity to inspect your roof for any visible damage before it causes further deterioration to your home interiors. Cleaning supplies are readily available in hardware shops, but they are not as effective as profressional equipment and accessories used by Spooners. During the inspection period, certified cleaners normally identify the type of treatment process used in cleaning your slate or ceramic roof tiles. Their treatment is based on the extent of algae formation, the degree of damage over your roof material, and the last time you have your roof professionally cleaned.

Professionals need to identify the treatment process because they want to minimize damage to your landscaping area, especially if the cleaning solution falls directly at ground level. Depending on the damage or extent of algae or mildew presence, professional cleaners mix the correct water-and-chemical ratio to prevent further damage and discoloration on the roof surface until the cleaning job is done. Don’t hesitiate to contact us if you are looking for roof cleanin in Portlaoise. Professionals use the following list of equipment:

  • Full-body safety harness
  • Pressure washer
  • Safety gloves and goggles
  • Hand sprayer
  • Applicable cleaning solution
  • Long garden hose with high-pressure nozzle attachment
  • Debris removal tools
  • Utility access ladders
  • Mixing barrels


What is the Best Chemical to Clean a Roof?

Many professional cleaners use 12.5% chlorine bleach, commonly known as pool shock in the industry, usually composed of sodium hypochlorite and sodium hydroxide combined with other chemicals like trisodium phosphate (TSP). This cleaning solution is effective against black streaks, roof moss, and lichen. However, this chemical cleaning method is not advisable due to its high level of concentrated ingredients that can harm the environment and occupants. Instead, professional cleaners in Laois use an oxygen-based cleaning solution called hydrogen peroxide to ensure that everyone is safe while performing the work.

Hydrogen peroxide is suitable for slate and ceramic roof tiles because it automatically removes stains from mildew, algae, fungus, and grime, unlike sodium hypochlorite, which makes the appearance of the roof dirt “translucent” due to the bleach content. Professional cleaners normally identify the appropriate chemical ratio to be used before they start cleaning the roof tiles. Manufacturers also recommend not using the high-pressure washing technique over the roof tiles. It causes removal of protective layers and detachment of joint seams, thus triggering leakage in the process.

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the most cost-effective and safest cleaning solutions you can choose when cleaning your roof. It only uses a soft washing technique with a maximum of 100 PSI to maintain the appearance of your tiles while gradually removing algae and fire moss. Professionals spray the biodegradable solution directly on the ceramic or slate roof and repeat the process after the first application dries up. After removing those lingering stains and unsightly moss, they will apply a pressure washer to wash out the concentrated solution.

Unfortunately, you should not expect to see the stains immediately removed on the first visit of your professional cleaners. You will see results after 24 hours and may require re-application if necessary. This will require follow-up visits to ensure black streaks are completely gone, although rain significantly helps with the removal process. Unlike toxic chemical agents, the smell of hydrogen peroxide is minimal, and your landscaping at ground level is absolutely safe. Commercial-grade hydrogen peroxide can be purchased in 3-lb., 10-lb and 40-lb. powdered solution. The 3-lb. concentrated solution can cover over 3,000 square feet, while 40 -lb solution can clean over 40,000 square feet. The cleaning solution is easy to mix, and this type of product has no expiration.

How do Professionals Clean Roofs?

Once the contractor has thoroughly inspected the roof to be cleaned, the professional cleaner will determine the cleaning method and time spent on the work. The following are steps on how the pros perform the spraying techniques:


1. Protecting the garden plants

Professional roof cleaners make sure plants and trees are pre-soaked with water to make them saturated, especially if the chemical residue, mainly if they use bleach, directly hits the plants at the bottom. In smaller landscaping areas, cleaners cover plants with plastic sheets.


2. Preparing the chemical solution

Cleaners prepare the cleaning solution with a garden sprayer. A 50-50 Sodium Hypochlorite and water solution is sufficient to remove most black streaks in typical roof cleaning jobs. For 3-lb. hydrogen peroxide, cleaners will need 12 gallons of water.


3. Executing the job

Once the cleaner has climbed up to the roof, he will apply the spraying method from the upper portion of the roof down to the gutters and eaves, allowing the solution to flow naturally into the affected areas and observe any changes in the roof the appearance of the tiles. In highly affected areas with algae, fire moss, and lichen, professionals often use multiple cleaning solutions until stains are removed. Suppose the stain is not removed immediately with the first application. In that case, the service technician will employ double treatment using a similar spraying technique in two or more rounds until the color change becomes noticeable. There are instances where it is difficult to get rid of black algae, especially if neglected over the years. This will require either multiple applications of the cleaning solution or manual removal. When looking for a professional roof cleaning in Portlaoise , use a trusted operator like Spooners.


4. Inspection after work completion

As an additional protection to the landscaping area, the plants are often re-soaked with water in the middle of the cleaning job not to sustain damage by the residue coming from the roof. The service contractor will leave it and come back after a few weeks to check for apparent signs of black streaks. If there is still the presence of stains, the same formulated cleaning solution will be reapplied.


How Often Should You Clean Your Roof?

Experts suggest having your roof thoroughly cleaned at least once a year. Your trusted professional may be able to inspect your roof for potential roof damage that needs to be resolved. If the roof is newly installed, you can have it cleaned once every two years. The summer and fall seasons are the best times to clean your roof.

Unless you are skilled at roof cleaning, it is best to let the professionals like Spooners cleanin Services in Laois do this dangerous job. You can become at risk of slipping while performing the cleaning task. Besides, service professionals are properly equipped and have adequate training to handle this type of work. You should not forget to include roof cleaning as part of your maintenance effort to prolong the life expectancy of your roof.

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