Window Cleaning Dublin

For most homeowners in Dublin, cleaning the interior of our houses is a regular chore on our weekly to-do list, but sometimes, we neglect the fact that the exterior parts of our houses, such as windows, need some cleaning too. Clean and transparent windows don’t just give off the impression of a well-maintained home, but add value to your house, your street and area for all the obvious reasons.  Dusty and mould-covered windows do the opposite.  They make your home look uncared for and devalue your property and the street you live on. That’s why keeping your windows sparkling clean should be on your list of priorities. The best way to ensure that your windows are cleaned properly is to hire a professional window cleaning service in Dublin!

Doing it yourself is not always an option, even for the most enthusiastic, as this consumes time and effort which you can perform on other important tasks.  With the best intentions, a DIY approach to window cleaning could be more trouble than it’s worth, especially when you’re talking about a two-story house and heights etc. What to speak of technical issues, like dealing with mildew or mould in corners, which might require special chemicals to treat the issue? Instead, contact the best window cleaning service contractor in Dublin, like Spooners Cleaning Services, to do the window cleaning and provide you with the best outcome possible.

Five reasons why you should only hire window cleaning in Dublin from a Professional:

#1: We have the proper tools and equipment

When dealing with glass, it can quickly get dangerous for inexperienced individuals. In Dublin, inaccessible window areas are common, because the houses here are usually built with more than one floor. If you force yourself to reach those areas, you risk accidents, and we don’t want that.

By hiring window cleaners like us, we have the proper equipment and tools to reach those unreachable parts of the window. Common professional tools, such as squeegees and extension poles are a great replacement for ladders to extend the reach and prevent falling. Professionals are also equipped with safety gear like harness belts, holsters and protective sleeves to ensure their safety while working off the ground.

Besides the proper tools and equipment that professionals have, we come fully insured, so you don’t have to worry. Furthermore, as window cleaners, one looks at a window and we know immediately what kind of cleaning agent and tools we need for the job. Is it a building site clean-up job? Is it a window that has road frontage, etc? Hiring a professional window cleaning service is not only practical but also safe and guarantees a really good job 👌.

#2: You can say goodbye to your mould problem

Due to our damp weather here in Dublin, mould tends to grow easily along with windows. This is because condensation on window glass creates an ideal environment for it to grow. It begins as dark blotches and gradually spreads throughout your window.

Mould or moss or grit may also be clogging up drainage or ventilation areas around the window. If the window area is not properly ventilated, you will find it very difficult to get rid of mould. Mould around windows is not only unattractive to look at, but also harmful to our health, especially if you have kids and pets around. It can lead to illnesses such as respiratory infections, eye irritation, allergies or asthma, so cleaning the windows affected with mould by yourself is not the safest option for you.

Also, if you try removing the mould yourself, you might use bleach, which is very common in every household here in Dublin. Bleach may be effective in removing moulds on nonporous surfaces, like tiles and sinks, but it’s not effective for porous surfaces, such as wood and plasterboards this is one of the most common window cleaning mistakes homeowners make.

By hiring professional window cleaning services, we just don’t invest in the best equipment, but also in the safest cleaning products. There are different kinds of moulds, and the cleaning solutions to remove them are different. As experienced window cleaners, we have the knowledge of what mould is nesting on your windows and the right cleaning solution that can remove it. So you won’t be exposed to harsh chemicals, and we can keep you and your family safe.

#3: Professional Window Cleaning in Dublin can extend your window’s lifespan

Over time, a window’s glass can develop scratches, become damaged, and lose its transparency. If you keep rubbing it with a conventional window cleaner like cloth and common detergents, your hard strokes may be causing further harm. Expert window cleaners like us have access to the right cleaning equipment and solutions.

We will apply the appropriate ways to eliminate dust, moulds, and any other type of grime. Because of experience, we have the eyes to spot windows that have damages, like cracks and chips, and can take necessary actions to avoid further damage to your windows. This will ensure that your windows last a long time and do not become unusable prematurely.

#4 We save you time

When you decide on doing the window cleaning yourself, you need to dedicate hours or even days, depending on how many windows you have and how much cleaning of your windows is needed. With the busy schedules, most people have these days, getting the job well done is well worth the price of hiring a window cleaner.

Your time is valuable, and cleaning windows isn’t easy. By hiring us, you’ll leave the hard work to the skilled professionals and will save your own time to focus on other more important tasks. As we have the right tools and equipment for the job, our work will always be faster. Hence, saving you time!

#5: We keep you safe

The most important reason why you should hire professionals for cleaning your windows is that you are doing yourself a favour.

Window cleaning without the right gear can be very dangerous, especially if you need to climb on ladders to reach high windows. There are also window cleaning chemicals that when mixed with other solutions can be very toxic when inhaled and can cause harm to you and your family.

Hiring a professional means you won’t need to climb ladders or work with harsh cleaning chemicals. Thus ensuring your and your family’s safety.

Professional Window Cleaning in Dublin

If you are looking for a reliable local window cleaner in Dublin who can do the job right the first time, then Spooners Cleaning Services is the one for you. We use a safe and efficient, state-of-the-art “reach and wash” system to clean your windows, says Darragh the owner of Spooners.

We offer a competitive price for our services that only starts at €35.00, excluding VAT for a 2/3 bed semi-detached home. We also offer other cleaning services for other types of houses such as Bungalow, 5 Bed Detached and TownHouse. Furthermore, we offer cleaning the inside of your windows and frames, gutter cleaning, fascia and soffit.