Roof Cleaning Services Tipperary

The roof is often the last place we think of when cleaning the exterior of our homes. However, cleaning our roofs is very important since cleaning not only keeps it looking good, cleaning also helps make it last longer.

In places such as Co Tipperary, Ireland, where there are many seasons and weather conditions, a lot of things can accumulate in our roofs such as algae, moss, dirt, and even the formation of ice dams because of snow freezing at the edges. Eventually, these can lead to damage and costly repairs.

Let the Professionals Do the Cleaning Service

It is best to call commercial cleaning services when having our roofing cleaned. Cleaning is not just getting a ladder, going up, and performing removal of dirt or stains from the surfaces of our roofs. Aside from the obvious danger of falling, there are a lot of other factors we need to consider to properly clean and maintain our roofs.

It is very important to know what roofing materials were used for our homes so that the proper cleaning materials and method of cleaning service will be used. Materials such as concrete, asphalt, metal, slate, wood, tiles, clay and more used for our roofing should determine what methods and substances will be used for the cleaning. Using the wrong substances or methods may cause more damage than good. That is why it is better to get the services of the experts.

Power Washing vs Soft Washing

Two common methods of roof cleaning services are power washing and soft washing. And commercial cleaning services should know which method to use, or if there is the need to combine both.

Power washing involves the use of pressurized water to perform the cleaning service. This makes the cleaning work generally faster. It is safer for newly installed roofs as long as the roofing materials are not brittle or prone to being damaged when hit with high-pressure jets of water. Generally avoid power washing roofs made of wood, slate or asphalt shingles. Avoid power washing older roofs. The roof also needs to be watched more closely when power washing as the paint or coating can be removed by the pressure.

Soft washing involves using brushes or spraying low pressure water or other cleaning chemicals to clean the roof. Soft washing is generally safer for all kinds of roof surfaces but may take longer for the work to complete.

Sometimes, both power washing and soft washing are used on the roof and gutters to completely service the whole roof and ensure the exterior is free from stains and these substances.

Roof Cleaning Tipperary

When looking for commercial cleaning services in Co Tipperary, Ireland, contact Spooner’s Cleaning Services. Throughout their 8 years in the business of providing cleaning services in Co Tipperary, they have shown their expertise and have various cleaning tools, methods, and materials available depending on your needs. They know whether your roof needs power washing, soft washing, or both. They utilize the best gear and materials while also ensuring the health and safety of everyone throughout their cleaning work.

Cost of Roof Cleaning in Tipperary

Offering competitive prices in Co Tipperary, roof cleaning services by Spooner’s Cleaning Services start at €350.00. This includes a thorough roof inspection, guaranteed full debris removal, and the use of a soft wash to protect tile seals. This also includes gutter and soffit cleaning on the inside and outside. They also offer Biocide Anti Mould Moss Lichen Algae Treatment to help prevent the return of moss, algae, or lichen.


Roof Cleaning Services Tipperary