Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Spooners Cleaning

This Agreement is made between Scs Pro Cleaning Ltd. T/A Spooners Cleaning (the “Contractor”) St Cronans Terrace, Roscrea, Co. Tipperary and: the party engaging with the Contractor for work (the “Client”).


These Terms and Conditions represent a contract between the Contractor and the Client.

The Client agrees that by engaging the Contractor for work, including verbally placing an order for services when meeting, by telephone, email and/or website or any other communication medium shall constitute the Client’s acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Contractor, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail over any other Terms of Business or Purchase Conditions put forward by the Client.

No variation or alteration of these Terms and Conditions shall be valid unless approved in writing by the Contractor.

The Contractor retains data from customers in the form of name and relevant contact details. This information is solely for the use of the Contractor for services such as administration.

Our Work Guarantee

If the Client discovers something that has been serviced incorrectly, irregularly, or wrongly, the Client must notify the Contractor within 48 hours for a re-do of the service. If the Client fails to contact the Contractor within this time, the customer agrees to pay all service fees and may need to wait until the next scheduled visit.

The Reach & Wash window cleaning system used, although rare, can lead to drip marks being left on windows called ‘spotting’ after the windows dry. Therefore, it is important that the Contractor is notified within 48 hours regarding this so the windows in question can be re-cleaned. Please note, Velux/skylights are not covered in the work guarantee.


The Contractor will provide to the Client a professional Cleaning Service or other specified services at an agreed cost.

The Contractor will remain courteous and professional at all times. If an Operative fails to adhere to our code of conduct, this must be reported immediately to the Contractor.  This, in turn, will be investigated internally and the Contractor will keep the Client informed of the outcome of their investigation.

Window Cleaning: 

  1. We use a water-fed pole/Reach & Wash System only for exterior window cleaning. Some stains will not be removable with this method and the Contractor is not liable for anything unremovable with this method of cleaning.
  2. The price for cleaning windows does not include the removing of stickers, paint, cement, construction materials etc.
  3. Achieving optimum cleaning results may require a few cleans. For example, detergent residue from previous traditional window cleaning methods or ingrained dirt may initially cause light spotting, however, in most cases, this will cease after a couple of cleans.
  4. Some stains on the window may not be removable.
  5. We do not clean vents above window frames.
  6. For exterior cleaning, all windows must be closed before our arrival. Any areas with open windows may not be cleaned.
  7. Interior windows: it is your responsibility to ensure that windows are accessible and sills and other surfaces are cleared beforehand.

Gutter Cleaning and Fascia & Soffit Cleaning:

  1. Gutter cleaning is restricted to cleaning only and does not include the removal, repair or replacement of any part of the gutter or downpipes.
  2. If gutters require the removal or replacement of any leaf guards, gutter brushes or other devices, an additional charge may be added.
  3. For 3rd story gutters or areas inaccessible with a standard 20ft ladder, the Contractor will attempt to clean these areas with the gutter vacuum system. However, if the vacuum is unable to clear these areas, the costs associated with hiring a 3-stage ladder or cherry picker may be added. This will be discussed with the client before the hiring of any equipment.
  4. The fascia & soffits are not cleaned with a standard gutter clean as they are a separate service.
  5. Some stains on the fascia & soffit may not be removable, particularly water marks and stains on wooden/metal fascia & soffits.

Roof Cleaning/Soft Washing of any areas: 

  1. Organic growth being treated with the Soft Washing chemical can take up to 12 months to disappear and the biocide will continue to work for up to 12 months. Some stains may not be removable with the Soft Washing method.


The Client is required to follow instructions on how to set up payments with our online payment link before the first service date, which will be advised in advance. For jobs over 500 euro we require 50% in advance and the remainder on completion.

If payment fails/is not collected, the Contractor reserves the right to suspend the cleaning service. If the Contractor then fails to receive monies owed within 30 days, they have the right to contact a collection agency to recover the debt, with the Client being liable for all related charges, collection agency fees and court related fees.

Should you dispute an outstanding invoice and claim to have made payment, the onus is on you to prove payment has cleared and arrived.

Any deposits taken prior to the commencement of work are strictly non-refundable.

Interruptions to Service

Interruptions or delays to service may occur during the course of the agreement and we have the right to postpone scheduled services. The Contractor will notify the client in this instance.

We offer a regular service in all weather conditions, including rain and very low temperatures. However, poor weather conditions including Yellow, Orange and Red weather alerts may cause postponement of scheduled services.

Ingress & Egress

The Contractor operates an automatic schedule of service visits, and so is unable to offer exact times and dates for the regular service. There is no need for the Client to be present at the property for the duration of any clean. Therefore, if the Client is not at the property at the date/time given, full access to all areas to be cleaned must be made available to operatives. This is made possible through side gates being left unlocked, keys left out and/or gate codes given.

Should the Contractor be unable to access any part of the Client’s property, the operative will only clean the accessible areas and charge accordingly. The Contractor may be unable to return to clean the restricted areas until the next scheduled clean. To avoid this, please ensure that the Contractor has the correct phone number and email for the SMS/email reminder service.

Due to insurance liabilities, the Contractor will be unable to move any heavy or awkward obstacles.

The Contractor may use ladders to gain access to areas of the property, such as over side gates or walls.


The Contractor is not liable for damage caused by decorative or structural defects at the Client’s property. This includes, but is not limited to, decorative bars stuck on windows, rotting frames, flaking paint, open or broken trickle vents, mains water pressure, pumps, wells, gutters, roof tiles, roof capping, cracked windows, window or gutter seals, marked/scratched window panes, loose/rusted/broken chimney cowls, chimney or flue lining, surfaces to be power washed, grout, tripped switches, electrical issues etc.

Health & Safety

The Contractor sees all issues of Health and Safety as paramount to the service. This includes the wellbeing of its Clients, Operatives, Staff, Client’s Customers and members of the General Public.

If we deem any conditions unfit or hazardous, work will not continue until conditions are improved.  This specifically refers to, but is not limited to, hazardous areas due to construction work, overgrown trees and plants, surfaces made dangerous by algae/moss etc.

Our Operatives are trained to work safely and will not undertake work that is deemed unsafe.


Quotes/estimates are valid for 30 days.

Please note the Contractor operates a no refund policy, however, any work the Client is not happy with will be rectified free of charge provided the Contractor is informed within 24 hours of the clean.

The Contractor may change the price of the Client’s service, provided the Client is given notice via email, text or phone call beforehand.

The Contractor reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time without notice.

A copy of the current Terms and Conditions is available on request.