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If your property in Thurles is dirty and full of debris and animal waste around, it will definitely look bad. Grimy windows, bedrooms, landscaping areas and other spaces on your property may potentially cause health problems to your family if you fail to maintain a regular cleaning schedule. If you don’t have time to do your cleaning duties, particularly if you lack the necessary cleaning machines and accessories, you can call local expert cleaners to make everything easy for you. And Spooner’s Cleaning Services can help you restore the original appearance of your precious property without necessarily disrupting your daily life routine.


Spooner’s delivers a complete line of exceptional cleaning services for residential and commercial clients in Thurles. Thurles clients depend on our industry expertise to clean shopping centers, apartment buildings, schools and healthcare facilities to name a few. With the use of advanced cleaning tools and methods, our reliable team can efficiently remove all forms of dirt and surface around your property at the fastest possible time. Whether you need a complete cleaning service for your beloved home or expansive commercial spaces, our service technicians can have all your cleaning needs covered.

Residential Cleaning Services

Our reliable cleaners at Spooner’s Cleaning Services are the true experts when it comes to extensive residential cleaning because they won’t leave your property in Thurles until you’re completely satisfied with the results. They are property equipped and trained to handle all forms of cleaning chores, both interior and exterior spaces, regardless of project complexity. Our credible experts are able to clean windows, roof tiles, fascia, soffit, hard-to-reach areas, private areas and all other exterior home spaces. And to make the cleaning job more effective and synchronized, they combine the use of advanced power washers, mechanical scrubbers and conventional cleaning accessories.


If your carpets and upholsteries also look unpleasant, we have the necessary tools capable of removing dust particles and stubborn stains which household vacuum cleaners can’t get rid of. You don’t have to wait long until the job is over since we deploy enough cleaners for every task, so that your private time won’t be interrupted. And to help keep your home in pristine condition, we offer comprehensive maintenance plans with full service warranty at affordable prices.

Commercial Cleaning Services

 In any business, it’s very important to keep all surroundings clean and frequently sanitized to continue attracting customers, particularly if you’re operating a restaurant. We build strong partnerships with essential Thurles businesses related to food production, retail shopping and property management. Our service technicians are capable of cleaning retail spaces, parking lots, private offices, commercial kitchens, building grounds, washrooms, exhibit halls and many other large areas for business purposes. If you’re a business owner, you have nothing to worry about with regard to effective commercial cleaning solutions because our cleaners only use appropriate cleaning machines and accessories that match your requirements.


Among highly populated areas or habitable spaces we clean typically include:


  •         Regular retail spaces
  •         Outdoor seating and recreational areas
  •         Administration office
  •         Skylights, trellis and building roof
  •         Shopfronts and curtain walls
  •         Equipment rooms and storage facilities
  •         Parking spaces


Because we want to make the job effective, our certified cleaners only use proven-tested products that can help maintain your premises to the highest standard and eliminate the enzymes which cause foul smell. You can expect them to deliver better work performance in nursing care facilities and hospitals to prevent cross-contamination and potential infections. Spooner’s cleaning services in Thurles also assures clients that our staff cleaners or any of their products and equipment won’t cause any damage to the property. If you want to contact us for a free quote, you can visit https://spoonerscleaning.ie/, call 0872273934 or drop us a message at [email protected].

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