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carpet and upholstery cleaning

For a wonderfully fresh and clean carpet, nothing beats steam cleaning.
Steam carpet cleaning is actually something of a misnomer: Hot water, not steam, is used in the cleaning process. The cleaning machine blasts hot water deep into the carpet then sucks it out with a strong vacuum, removing dirt, dust, mold and grime.

Because the hot water does not remain in the carpet for a long period of time, drying the carpet is not a problem. You do not need to worry about mold growing in the carpet due to excessive moisture. Toxic chemicals or noxious scents are not an issue either.

We add cleaning agents to the hot water, but these are perfectly safe. They are non-toxic and will not harm children or other members of the family including pets. Spooners Cleaning Services also have the option of applying a fabric protector which can prevent certain stains from damaging the carpet.

exterior work such as power washing

Our Power Washing service is second to none, we perform a professional job by taking care to pressure wash everything, while taking care not to take paint off walls. We have 2 heavy duty power washers which can tackle anything, along with a surface cleaner which offers an efficient service for large driveways and car parks etc. We use telescopic lances for high areas which is much safer than ladders etc. Spooner’s Cleaning Services clean the windows after every pressure washing job. Gutter’s are cleaned inside and outside to a high level. Our professional service pressure washes only single storey tiled roofs without boom lifts and in doing that we clean the gutters, windows and rinse off all the ground after cleaning a roof. A safety harness is worn while up on roofs and safety devices are put on my ladders. Higher work roof work and other work at dangerous heights require the hire of boom lifts or cherry pickers.

At Spooner’s we treat every job as standard with a product that kills all moss, lichen and algae and stops re-growth for 6 months. We also use a Soft Washing system on old roofs, Render Walls, timber facades and very high areas. Soft washing is a cleaning method using low pressure and specialized solutions to safely remove mildew, bacteria, algae and other organic stains from roofs and other building exteriors. Good results can be seen from 24hrs to 2 weeks. Roofs that have been just treated with the product and not power washed can take up to a year to fully clean but after a few months are looking very good. Our product is safe to use on all known building materials and biodegradable. Kids and pets need to be kept inside until it is dry as it can cause adverse effects if ingested. Our company is fully insured and the product we use is accepted to be used on HSE and County Council jobs. Please check our facebook page for pictures where we removed red algae etc using our product.

gutter cleaning

Are your Gutters clogged with dirt and moss? Maybe there’s even grass and weeds growing out of them? Well Spooners will get them cleared and shining in no time. And if they need any repairing we can do that also.

We’ll clear out all gutters and make sure they keep flowing, and if you want them power washed and looking like new, well then just give just us a call.

window cleaning

Spooners Cleaning Services use the “reach and wash”, water filtration system to clean windows from the first floor up, on the outside of buildings. It is a state of the art water-fed pole system for window cleaning. No ladders are required thus saving time and increasing efficiency and of course reducing risks to the operator. We are extensively trained and experienced and are aware of Health & Safety regulations.

Our window cleaning rates are also very competitive as we can eliminate excessive insurance premiums associated with regular window cleaning services. We use the regular cleaning methods for window cleaning inside a building.

roof cleaning

Washing all surfaces, Stain removal, scrubbing, dusting and vacuuming surfaces.

Whether you are building a new home, commercial building or industrial park, it will need a full cleaning before it can be used on a regular basis. This means cleaning the entire facility from top to bottom, dust, residue and windows are only a small part of the entire cleaning process.

This is a cleaning that requires professional care. Common house cleaning, floors and carpets and the like are not at the same level as post construction cleanup. Extra care is necessary beyond what most people would consider clean because of the nature of the debris.

Some think post construction cleaning professionals are not necessary, and they can do the work themselves without worry. This is not the case. This is a cleaning that can take several days of full time work, time that many do not have because of their own jobs. This is our full time job at Imperial One Cleaning. So while you are working, we are taking care of the cleaning work.

Softwashing is exterior cleaning using chemicals and low pressure

We specialize in deep cleaning your home, office or commercial property. During repair, renovation work, or simply if your home needs a good deep clean. Give us a call.

From wiping mold off walls and ceilings, to scrubbing dirt from a skirting board with a toothbrush. No job is to big or small. Ovens , cupboards , drawers, sinks, showers, You name it, we clean it!

Deep cleaning jobs vary depending on the size and nature of the work to be done, so we usually to take a look at your house or commercial property before cleaning is scheduled. For an efficient and reliable deep cleaning service, you’ve come to the right place.